Bricco del Cucu


(Piemonte - Italy)

Located in the southern part of Piedmont in the high valley of the Tanaro river at the foothills of the Maritime Alps, we are in an area of transition between Langa and Alta Langa, Dogliani and the Langhe Monregalesi, where Mondoví is the most important town, famous for the water of Lurisia and San Bernardo.

The Estate takes is name from Frazione Bricco in Bastia di Mondoví, where the cellar is located (in the Piedmontese dialect bricco is the sunny top of a hill) and from the most important vineyard that the estate owns: the Cuckoo vineyard.

Reaching the Bricco in a clear day when the marin, wind from the nearby Riviera, is blowing, drying the white soil of the vineyards and revealing the entire arc of the Alps, is breathtaking.

Dogliani in the province of Cuneo is well known for its winemaking tradition and it can claim an ancient foundation: it is thought that this is the area of origin of Dolcetto as a vine variety. A document from the 16th century mentions the area and the name of the variety that was planted here.