(Champagne - France)

Five generations, five couples, five eras, five cuvées, but a single passion that continues to be perpetuated from father to son and daughter : the love of Champagne of course! << 1834 >> Auguste founded the House in the heart of Epernay along with his wife Julie. They took their place in the great adventure of Champagne with a passion for excellence. They succeeded in making great Champagnes and the House gradually builds up a reputation among connoisseurs in France and beyond its borders. The House was very soon exporting a large part of its cuvées. << 1865 >> Edouard, their son, dug out caves in the chalk of Mont Bernon in Epernay, above them building what became the cellars and the family house. He produced the young company's first Bruts and created the Grands Millésimes, a number of which can still be found today in the deepest depths of the vault named "Trésor". << 1887 >> The winery signed an exclusive contract with fine wine merchants Hedges & Butler, established in 1627, the beginning of a collaboration and friendship between both families that lasted until the disappearance of the English house in 1989. << 1920 >> Jules succeeded his father and continued to develop foreign markets as far afield as Australia. He produced a Blanc de Blancs cuvée, a very rare choice at the time. Marcel Carré joined the company, first as an apprentice at age 14, before working his way to becoming one of the most respected cellar masters, in the fifties and sixties. << 1945 >> René took over the helm after the war, in what were difficult times. With great energy, the former skiff champion forged ahead with the help of his wife Erica, rebuilding stocks, a quality guarantee, and creating the special cuvée "Joyau de France" the first vintage of which dates back to 1961, a legendary vintage. << 1972 >> After the tragic deaths of René and Eric, their son, who was already planning a future in the family business, Erica courageously took up the torch, followed by Evelyne, her daughter, and son-in-law Christophe. Although their studies were steering them in a different direction, Family, House, Tradition are obviously a passion! << 1984 >> Evelyne, now head of the company, chose to forge direct relationships with her French customers through mail-order sales, free phone, and a commercial website (as from 1997), all means of communication required to allow the quality and richness of Boizel’s wines to be appreciated by connoisseurs. << 1994 >> Evelyne and Christophe decided to draw closer with the group founded by their friends Bruno Paillard and Philippe Baijot. This dynamic group (listed on the stock exchange since December 1996), named Boizel Chanoine Champagne, grew rapidly while preserving intact both the Boizel family spirit and tradition. << Today >> Evelyne and Christophe are more passionnated than ever: from vines to cellar and throughout the world they dedicate themself to elaborating fine Champagnes and representing them and Boizel. Perhaps a sixth generation soon?